Specialist 1-2-1 Support

In addition to the grant funding options being made available to businesses, we are also supporting businesses to access dedicated 1-2-1 business consultancy support.

There are a range of business consultants on our panel that can assist all sectors navigate recovery out of the pandemic and develop plans for growth or diversification with either specialist or general business support.

This support can take the form of business planning, diversification mapping, supporting the introduction of new product lines and services or independent financial assessments through to the development of new websites.

Grant expired on:
31 January Closed: 00:00

What information is needed to apply?

Applicants must include:

  • Contact name
  • Business name
  • Brief description of business
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Date business began trading. (Business must have been trading ON or BEFORE 28th February 2021)
  • Number of employees

In addition to this, applicants must include a (max. 200) words statement describing what they would like the consultant to help them with specifically, along with any additional information.

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